Assignment 1 – Feedback and re-work

I received some great feedback from my tutor in which he confirmed a lot of my own concerns over my submission:

  • I need to forget that this site is traditionally used as a blog and keep my assignments with an academic focus, rather than being chatty.
  • I need to be more selective over images and explain more fully the reasons for my choices in terms of settings used and content of the image.
  • Each image is to have a reference (either name or number).
  • I need to review other students’ work for ideas of how to best submit future assignments.
  • I need to be more confident in copying other photographers’ styles.
  • I need to do more research and evidence that in my submissions.

My tutor suggested re-taking the image below with the light on.


I’ve tried visiting the spot in early evenings, but have been unsuccessful in finding a similar ‘model’ for the shot.  Below is a shot in the early evening with two shoppers walking up the stairs.


I took more care to compose this shot centrally between the steps.  I also chose to be more zoomed in on the figures, though I’d like to try again with this light and a wider angle to get more of the steps in. The weather conditions weren’t great and unfortunately there’s a rain spot on the lens appearing like a halo around the girl on the right’s left knee. Nevertheless, I think that this photo is more interesting in terms of the light – if only I’d found the lad with the skateboard again!

The final set of images are therefore:


My tutor’s feedback can be read here: tutor report Stephanie Webb 514978 EYV asst 1




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