Garry Winogrand – The Animals

Following the submission of my Assignment 3, my tutor suggested I take a look at Garry Winogrand’s “The Animals” for ideas of interactions between humans and animals as my photographs didn’t do enough to capture the relationship between the water birds and the humans in the images.

““The Animals” consists of 43 black-and-white images shot at the Central Park Zoo over a period of seven years from 1962 to 1969. Published by the Museum of Modern Art, the photos were created with a wide-angle lens, Winogrand’s preferred style after 1960.”

Garry Winogrand’s images show the animals cling to (in the case of the chimpanzees) or reaching out towards the humans (in the case of the elephants). In the case of the elephants, it’s the non-touching of the human hand which adds to the tension in the photograph. Contrasting this to my image of a swan eating bread from a human hand, the bread is hidden from shot and the shot would indeed have been more effective if  there had been some space between the hand and the swan’s beak.



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