Exercise 4 – Project 4

Rut Blees Luxemburg’s work is especially interesting as she not only captures the many aspects of artificial light at night, but uses unusual angles to give a different perspective (Vertiginous Exhilaration, 1995) to add an air of mystery . Her use of lights in reflections of a puddle for the Cockfosters tube station, makes an everyday sight interesting, whilst in In Deeper and A Girl From Elsewhere, her use of depth of field and shutter speed captures the feeling of movement in the liquids.


Brassai’s series of photos Paris by Night, are a beautifully composed set of images using the available light to highlight key parts of the main subject matter. The graininess of the images adds to the authenticity of the images and the subjects they are portraying.


Sato Shintaro’s use of the time between dusk and dark to photograph neon lights before it’s dark produces a series of images that are clear and vibrant with coloured light filling the frame.


This research has helped me understand that ‘night’ shots don’t have to be shot in the dark, in fact at dusk can be more useful to avoid large areas of black in the shots. Graininess from high ISO can add value to the image, but as with any photography, composition is key.





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