Magic Party Place by CJ Clarke – Derby, 2017

Magic Party Place by CJ Clarke is part of the Format Festival in Derby.

This exhibition was in two pieces: one was black and white images shown on old 70s’ style portable televisions showing black and white stills of the reality of a New Town Utopia, where the modern-day concrete reality is very different to how the new towns were marketed post-World War II.

The other part of the exhibition was a set of black and white photographs depicting the area “… it is middle England territory, a town dominated by skilled manual workers … whose values, habits and preferences are believed by both left and right to hold the key of electoral success.”

The pieces show the state of the country in a post-BREXIT vote England. The desolation in a once new town and how the people still have a small sense of community. Black and white always seems to be the choice when showing the depressed political state of the country!


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