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Assignment 2 – Feedback

I received feedback for assignment 2 back in May, but due to health and work commitments have been unable to focus on my studies since then.  My situation has now changed (I’ve left my job) and I am now committed to the course again.

Reading back through assignment 2 feedback from my tutor at that time (I now have a new tutor), I’m pleased with the feedback given especially as Mike seemed happy with my work.

I take on board the advice given to do more work on my blog and practice implementing more of the techniques that I am observing in other photographers. I also recognise that I need to put more observations of others’ work on my blog and write up more exhibition visits that I make.

At this point in time, I don’t intend to re-work assignment 2, but do intend to focus on completing assignment 3.



Pre-assessment, I re-visited this assignment and added two images that featured a group of friends posing for a selfie, and a friend taking a photo of an artist in conversation via her mobile phone.  These are the images:

PunkItUP DonLetts_StephanieWebb_329A1258PunkItUpDonLetts_StephanieWebb_PunkItUP DonLetts_StephanieWebb_329A1241

The final set of images as submitted for assessment are: