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Assignment 2 – Reflection

Reflecting against the recommended criteria, I have the following observations

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

The majority of the images demonstrate the use of depth of field to add interest to the shots. Whilst composition wasn’t always perfect in the original shot, the use of Photoshop enabled cropping to improve on the original framing.  Using a mix of shooting from a higher position, lower position and the same level to the subject matter added interest to the series.

Quality of outcome

I feel my assignment gives a good balance of the technical aspects of my shots, alongside my observations and the mini-stories I’m telling with the shots.  The evaluation at the end is honest and demonstrates where I think I need to improve – ie more planning as to the camera settings I need when I’m trying to capture the moment.

Demonstration of creativity

In completing this assignment I developed a confidence in taking photos of strangers in a public place.  Initially I was self-concious and anticipated questions or suspicion from the public, but once I relaxed and felt comfortable in the spots I chose to shoot from, I felt part of the background and enjoyed the experience. As a result, I’ve been able to think more about the vertical level I need to be at in order to get an interesting shot.

My favourite shot is Image 7, where I’ve learnt how using light from a less conventional source can be used to create a great effect.


The work of other photographers was explored before beginning the assignment, however, in trying to capture the moment, I tended to forget what I had read and learnt and just pressed the shutter in order to get the shot – sometimes this worked, many times it didn’t. Before approaching assignment three, I need to read more photographs and practice more myself so that the ability to capture the decisive moment is more natural to me.