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Feedback for Assignment 3

Between Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 I had a change of tutor and although I submitted Assignment 3 late (initially in October 2016, I didn’t receive feedback from my new tutor until early January 2017.

The wait was worth it. Whilst initially I felt a bit deflated by my tutor’s comments on the assignment, I received lots of guidance to help me think about what I need to focus on for my next submission. The feedback made my realise that I was being lazy in some of my approaches and that I really should think more about the creative side of my photography and not be lazy about my work.

The feedback is attached as a PDF document below, but the key things are summarised here:

  • I need to consider the micro element of my photographs – particularly the context’s work and my reading of my images
  • I need to review David Doublet’s work, and Garry Winogrand’s zoo
  • I need to work harder on my focus point when using long lenses with shallow depth of field
  • My self-evaluation needs to explain more ‘why’ something is interesting
  • I need to ensure the  images work as a sequence/narrative
  • I need to work on using a variety of viewpoints and framing
  • I should title my photographs

My tutor suggested additional reading by the following:

  • Terry Barrett – internal and external contexts
  • Joel Meyerowitz – ideas and framing

Some books were also suggested.

My tutor also commented on not being able to see my blog and contact sheets. This was a technical problem with my tutor’s device. My blog is viewable.

Following the feedback, I would like to re-work some of the images concentrating on the pointers made by my tutor. I will aim to do this after completion of Assignment 4.

Before receiving the feedback for Assignment 3, I had started work on assignment 4, but after reading my tutor’s advice I decided to re-think my ideas and push myself to use a variety of camera settings to show my understanding and use of the photograph as an art-form.