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Reflecting against the recommended criteria, I have the following observations:

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

For this assignment I tried a variety of styles in order to get differing depths of field, however my final shots mainly have a shallow depth of field. Whilst composition wasn’t always perfect in the original shot, the use of Photoshop enabled cropping to improve on the original framing.  A variety of shooting positions were used to vary the viewer’s perspective.

Quality of outcome

I feel my assignment gives a good balance of the technical aspects of my shots, alongside my observations of the shots.  I feel I’ve given more thought to the camera setting required for the shots I was after, but sticking to a wide angle lens meant that I felt a lot of my images were unusable for final images due to distortion of vertical lines. Taking additional lens may have rectified this.

Demonstration of creativity


Variation in approach to the shots during the day and exploiting the light to add interest has led to more creative shots. A series has been created using two shots from each shoot at different times of the day. This creates a story starting with entering the site in the morning to experiencing the interaction between plant life and the ruins, to leaving at dusk.


The context of these images is very much around being creative – the opposite of the Google image search I did of the site where stock images made the site look flat and uninteresting. My images aim to capture the spooky isolation of the site together with the nature that surrounds it and continues to give the site life and hope.