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Exercise 1.2 Point

Take two or three photographs in which a single point is placed in different parts of the frame. (A ‘point’ should be small in relationship to the frame; if it’s too large it becomes a shape.)

Take a number of images in which a point is placed in relationship to the frame. Can you find any place where the point is not in relationship to the frame? If it’s in relationship to the frame you can place a point in any part of the picture and the picture is balanced.

There are essentially three classes of position (to place a single point) in the middle, a little off-centre, and close to the edge.

(Photography 1: The Art of Photography, p.72)

For this exercise ( and the following ones!) I once again set off to Hucknall Train Station.

For these shots I used a Canon 400D (crop sensor) with a 18-55mm kit lens set at ISO 200 and shutter priority 1/160.  For my point, I chose a discarded train ticket on the gritted platform.

I struggled with exercise, putting the ticket in random places in the frame seemed unnatural.  My eye wanted to try and find the place where I thought the point looked most ‘right’.

The contact sheet shows my results.

Exercise 1.2 Contact sheet.jpg

For me, IMG_7068.jpg looks the most ‘right’ with the ticket towards the top right corner.



I could do with re-visiting this exercise another day – this time taking shots with a less distracting floor brick pattern, and without my shadow in the images!