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Exercise 3.3


Find a good viewpoint, perhaps fairly high up (an upstairs window might do) where you can see a wide view or panorama. Start by looking at the things closest to you in the foreground. Then pay attention to the details in the middle distance and, finally, the things towards the horizon. Now try and see the whole landscape together, from the foreground to horizon (you can move your eyes).
Include the sky in your observation and try to see the whole visual field together, all in movement (there is always some movement). When you’ve got it, raise your camera and take a picture. Add the picture and a description of the process to your learning log.

I tried taking a photo from my bedroom window. The first thing I noticed was that my windows need cleaning! From the window  I could see the flats opposite and some parked cars, looking down I could see my car on the drive and my garden to the right in desperate need of attention. Looking further forward, I could see the warehouse buildings, bare trees in the flats’ car park moving gently, and even further back, the railway bridge with cars driving over it. I could also see the green flag advertising for a new housing development moving in the breeze. The weather was cloudy and there was a slight drizzle so the sky looked a dull pale grey with just the black lines of power cables breaking it up.

The photo I took with a 28mm lens has a much smaller field of vision. My garden and my car at the front of my house didn’t make it into the shot.