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Exercise 4.5

Make a Google Images search for ‘landscape’, ‘portrait’, or any ordinary subject such as ‘apple’ or ‘sunset’. Add a screengrab of a representative page to your learning log and note down the similarities you find between the images.

Now take a number of your own photographs of the same subject, paying special attention to the ‘Creativity’ criteria at the end of Part One. You might like to make the subject appear ‘incidental’, for instance by using juxtaposition, focus or framing. Or you might begin with the observation of Ernst Haas, or the ‘camera vision’ of Bill Brandt.

Add a final image to your learning log, together with a selection of preparatory shots. In your notes describe how your photograph differs from your Google Images source images of the same subject.

I chose to Google images of cars. The following screengrab is my result:


The thing I noticed with these images is that they vary from being purely the car with no background, then there are a few shots of cars on the road, and a couple with people in the car. Apart from the images with people in the cars, the cars were whole cars. The images with people in only showed part of the car.

I took my Canon 5D mkIII and a Tamron 28-75mm lens with me to Tesco car park where I took a few shots of my car after doing my shopping as the store was closing.

Aside from demonstrating that my car needs cleaning!, my shots show only part of my car – concentrating on either the angles of the construction of the car, or composing the car with the Tesco store in the background in soft focus.

The images with short focal length – eg of the badge and the Hyundai name quickly go out of focus – in fact not all of the Hyundai name is in focus.

My shots differ from the ‘classic’ images of cars in that they are not trying to sell the car, more trying to show its angles or it in context of its surroundings.