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Ahead Still Lies Our Future – Derby, 2017

Ahead Still Lies Our Future is part of the Format Festival in Derby in March 2017. The photographs in this exhibition are from a variety of photographers and each piece challenges the viewer to question what they’re really seeing regarding the depicted habitat.

Hannah Darabi’s Waiting Grounds features a town in Tehran under construction. The photos are intended to show “the state of waiting for a suspended future in a country where history has been rewritten over and over again, and where each revised history has its own glorious past, in turn becoming an example for a potential future.”

I didn’t enjoy this collection. I found it flat and lacking in interest.

Sadie Wechsler’s work was more interesting. Her use of superimposing images on other images led to a series of images that both confused and questioned the brain as to what was real and what was not. I’d like to investigate more of her work and the techniques used to build the final prints.

Ester Vonplon’s photographs of Swiss glaciers covered in sheets during the summer were fascinating. The dark blotches on the cloth are from glacier milk which then keeps direct radiation from the ice on sunny days. The photographs “reveal the use of the cloth as a desperate attempt to counteract the effects of climate change.”  The images also remind the viewer of shrouds protecting a human body – the loneliness and helplessness of a dead body. [Last accessed: 30/09/2017]