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Saul Leiter: Retrospective – London, 2016

I visited Saul Leiter’s Retrospective at The Photographer’s Gallery in London in March 2016.

Leiter’s street photography is summed up by the quote on display ‘It is not where it is or what it is that matters, but how you see it.’.  Many of his photographs are poorly focused, yet he still captures the sense of what’s going on and evokes an emotion – the key requirement of a street photographer!

His early photographs are a stark black and white, however it’s his vivid use of colour which really helps to bring alive his images. For example, the Coca-Cola red in this image called Postmen. If the image were in back and white, it would look much more miserable than with the ‘Christmas-y’ red.


His magazine shoots are even more vivid, almost hyper-defined. Apparently this was due to his use of poor quality colour film, however, the results are amazing.