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The Rhubarb Triangle by Martin Parr – Wakefield 2016

I visited The Rhubarb Triangle by Martin Parr at the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield in March 2016.

The Rhubarb Triangle is an area in West Yorkshire famous for producing early forced rhubarb. Parr’s exhibition covers multiple aspects of the farming process surrounding the rhubarb, and features many of the characters working on the farms as well as coach parties that feast on the rhubarb.

As is common in Parr’s work, the colours are very vivid and the subject matter shot sharply. The reds and pinks of the rhubarb dominating the shots and drawing the eye away from any distraction in the out of focus backgrounds.

I enjoy the humour in Martin Parr’s other work, so I was pleased to see that some of his older work was included in the exhibition. This work covered images from his early work to his more commonly known work The Last Resort