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The Street Photographer’s Manual – David Gibson

‘Photography can be taught only in part – specifically, that part which deals with photo-technique. Everything else has to come from the photographer’ (Feininger, 1968).

‘How many other forms of photography essentially have “wonder” at their heart? That’s what makes street photography almost a spiritual process for many because it is so personal and so akin to a king of photographic enlightenment. Street photography helps me understand (Nick Turpin )

This book is great to dip in and out of to get a better idea of how the perspective from where the shot is taken can influence the shot.

One area of advice I particularly liked was the chapter on shooting from behind. Gibson points out how it’s easier to take photographs from behind, and often easier to capture body language this way.

I will bear much of Gibson’s advice in mind should I take more street photographs in the future.






The Complete Photographer, Andreas Feininger, 1968