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Eric Kim

Another photographer it was suggested I take a look at was Eric Kim – an international street photography teacher based in California.

From the sets of images on his website, it appears he uses both black and white and colour depending on the mood he wishes to convey.

Suits (2013- ) is in colour and really doesn’t appeal to me.  I don’t like the reflections in the windows and glasses, or the use of colour.  It seems messy and ill-composed to me – although it does get across the miserable life of ‘the man in the suit’ as seen by someone who has escaped that life.  However, at this point in the course, I struggle to see the ‘art’ in this set…

Grandfather (2013) is in black and white and very grainy. The set appears to document the death and funeral of a grandfather.  The deserted hospital bed and grief-stricken mourners are particularly striking.

Cindy Project (2009 – ) is again in grainy, black and white. This set documents Kim’s partner going about her everyday life.  The images I like best are those shot from above – the ones where Cindy is leaving the building give an impression of sadness.

The City of Angels (2011 – 2015) is in black and white and shows some of the characters of Los Angeles.  Detail of tattoos, elongated nails and a shadow of an elongated nose in another shot give the impression that things are big but not particularly attractive – much like the sprawling city itself.

Features is a series of high contrast colour portraits of a range of people of differing ages. The two younger women appear to have been shot to make themselves look attractive, whilst the remaining six images accentuate the characters of the subject matter.  These images suggest that younger women have beauty but older people are more interesting – not something I’d agree with!


Whilst I wasn’t drawn to Eric Kim’s work, I did enjoy his blog, and also his interview with  Good insights in terms of being true to yourself when developing street photography style, rather than emulating someone else’s personality which may fail.  I note that he has several tutorials on YouTube, so I hope to watch some of these at some point soon.